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Rebecca Wilks MD, DABMA, FAAMA*



Whether you're an existing patient, contemplating becoming a new one, or just looking for information, I hope this site will help you learn about acupuncture.


It is a great privilege to provide this versatile and powerful modality.

Some of the most common indications for Acupuncture:**


~Pain of most types, and of short or long duration, including fibromyalgia, headache,

    back and neck pain, knee pain, and many more.

~Smoking cessation.

~Gynecological difficulties; menstrual pain, PMS, menopause symptoms and infertility,

    including IVF.

~Anxiety, depression, fatigue, and sleep disorders

~To facilitate healing from injuries, surgery, and infections.

~Digestive difficulties, including irritable bowel syndrome.

~Disorders related to other internal organs, including lung, kidney,

    gall bladder, uterus.

~Nausea and other chemotherapy side effects.  Nausea in pregnancy.

~Immune system imbalance, allergies, sinus problems.

~Treatment for imbalances in early stages of an illness, before symptoms appear.   

    Prevention of many conditions.

**These indications are established in the western medical literature to varying
degrees. More information about the status of research in acupuncture is
available on this site and elsewhere.

Why Choose Dr Wilks?


Dr Wilks is dedicated to creating a supportive and welcoming practice environment.
Patients often comment that  such personal attention is uncommon, especially from a
physician, and that they are pleased to experience healthcare in a unique context.

*Diplomate, American Board of Medical Acupuncture; Fellow, American Academy of  Medical Acupuncture.

"Choose a doctor who will find something right with you."  -- Alan Cohen

April 2012